ARCHES is an apparel and accessories manufacturing company. We make the highest quality 'blanks' possible while ensuring less waste and a more circular system of consumption. For brands, organizations and individuals who contribute value and progression to our World.

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We work exclusively with fabric mills, sewing facilities, dye houses and printers in Northern Portugal who have a track record of exceptional craft and labor practices. We create finished garments designed for a long life cycle and use significantly less water and toxic chemicals in the process.

Raw fibers are carefully sourced from organic farms and collectives in India, the EU, Lithuania and the USA. 

We take responsibility for every single garment we produce through our Take-Back Program. When it comes back to us, we extend its life through repair, re-dyeing or repurposing. If the item is beyond repair, it’s recycled responsibly.

As everything we make adds more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, we make sure to measure this output through a decarbonization strategy with BeZero and offset each metric ton through a partnership with Hudson Carbon and Stone House Farm, a regenerative agriculture farm and carbon sequestration platform in New York State. 

Learn more about our decarbonization strategy, garment birth certificates, circularity and our goals for 2022 on our 'Progress' page.

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